Oblivion // Film Review


“You don’t have to die… They don’t have to die… It’s time to come home.”

As a Tom Cruise film fan, Oblivion was always going to be one of the big ones to watch this year for me and in no way did it disappoint from the very start until the ultra explosive climax. To be treated to two Cruise film in less than six months was perhaps more than my body could hope for especially as Jack Reacher was such an unexpectedly great film Oblivion is clearly where the big budget lays and is a true sci-fi on epic proportions.

Although it hit the top of the box office both here and the US, I’m not completely sure if Oblivion really left a lasting impression in a lot of audiences minds, it’s perhaps not the current trending genre in an age that often see’s superheroes battle it out to become the biggest film of the year and yet again we have seen Iron Man ride off on the success of last year’s Avengers. In my opinion Oblivion is one of the most well-crafted sci-fi films to grace the screen with real depth and mystery that seems to go further and further. The design for the idea itself was done brilliantly and as you’d expect, the world’s highest earning actor puts in a masterful performance in the lead role as Jack.

At times it can seem a little predictable and maybe drawn out but the score as well as the timely action sequences make sure you are never bored. Possibly the only thing ruining this film was the trailer, I mean as good as they make the film look they sometimes end up giving too much away and I would have maybe preferred not to know about the human alliance left on earth as it really would have struck the twist home.

The pounding soundtrack for this film makes it feel even more intense and brilliant from the dazzling effects as Jack rides round in his futuristic helicopter to his little green hideaway where he slowly becomes more human.

To me it felt like someone had taken the ideas from Independence Day and Vanilla Sky and moulded them into a sci-fi blockbuster with more twists and turns than you can originally muster. Once you hit the end sequences of the film though, as predictable as it originally seems you can’t help but clench your fist and almost say ‘fuck yeah’ under your breath as Cruise blows the alien force into dust and saves earth.

The production and design of Oblivion really make it what it is, the futuristic designs make it original and believable as well as the character of Jenny who seems all too robotic unlike Jack who is far more human and in those last moments where everything from the past comes together you really feel that the writers have covered every corner of the story.

I think this is going to be more personal taste than anything else but for me Oblivion is easily one of the best films this half of 2013 and offers a lot more than you may originally expect whether your a fan of Cruise or not you can’t really say his films aren’t good as they always maintain a high standard of suspense and drama. It will be interesting however to see how Will Smith’s After Earth compares as from the trailers the two films were far more than just similar in storyline and ideas, maybe After Earth was a little more ‘jungle-like’ with less control or manipulation but I could possibly see a similar twist in the pipeline with not everything being quite as it seems.


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