The Hangover: Part III // Film Review


“How did you not know this was from Chow”

The Hangover: Part III is the afterbirth of a francise that lost all its charm and comedy after its original outing and has now effectively just become a cash grab for lads nights out looking to start by watching a lad’s film fuelled by drugs, booze and crude humour. This final part in the trilogy is unfortunately the tail end of a good idea that was stretched way beyond its breaking point with the second outing. The very fact that there was no actual hangover in the actual film (ignoring the post credits sequence) makes the film even more bizarre and we didn’t even get those funny pictures through the credits, in a way, I’d have been much happier just to see that same setup again instead of attempting to string together bits from the previous two films to make it look as if it has all been building up to this.

From the fact there was a group of giggling morons sitting behind me hanging on ever word Galifianakis had to say made me hate the film that little bit more because the true warmth of the character was ditched after the original film and had thereafter been replaced with a hard-to-like ruder Alan that guys around a certain age find funny because he is rude and stupid. The only people who can truly enjoy this now-dead brand are the loyal fans of The Wolfpack and obviously I was joined by a legion of them that day.

The decision to centre the story entirely on the one-joke Ken Chow proves costly as the story becomes stupid and even harder to come to terms with than the outrageousness of the originals. I wasn’t expecting it to be watertight but after the whole ‘he’s gay’ thing there isn’t much of a joke left in him. Basic logic of any of the characters goes straight out the window from the word go so that they land themselves in stupid situations and makes Part III feel like the swansong for a concert that has gone on for far too long already, you know what is coming from the word go but you kind of just want it to be over.

I mean, I went because I wanted to finish it off… seems stupid to have seen the first two and not complete the set, I’m sure a lot of people will do the same but there was a lot of pointlessness about it, almost trying to be poignent taking it all back to where it started but in the end it was just another dumb move for another dumb American comedy that went stale like a week old donut all too long ago. I only wish it could have ended better.

Ed Helms is funny but underused, it feels like his character is yet again held back to make room for oafish Galifianakis and screen-candy Cooper, a double act that the producers obviously adore but almost no one else cares about.

It’s just another below average mostly unfunny American francise now and is bordering on becoming a Scary Movie… God Forbid.



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