The Last Exorcism: Part II // Film Review


“God Asks. The Devil Commands.”

Now, I love a good horror film but I hadn’t actually seen the first part of this series but went in anyway, luckily Part II seemed to regurgitate the most important/’best’ bits from the first instalment from the very start of the film a bit like an American sitcom from the 90’s ‘best-of’ episode where the characters flashback to ‘funny’ moments from past series, worrying perhaps for followers of the series seeing as these flashbacks fill about 15% of the film and it has a short runtime as it is.

So, Part II has a few key parts to a good horror, creepy girl, check, helpful doctor, check, creepy bitch friends, check and then random ethnic minority that’s been following main character since start of film unknown to the audience… umm… check? Excuse the pun, but The Last Exorcism: Part II is… one hell of a mess. From what I see, the first film appears to follow the ‘found footage’ horror trend and I can see why this style would work for building tension with this story because as it was nothing was built on and it was far to glossy to feel creepy, it was third-person horror done very badly, with a survire lack of shocks, spills or genuine scares.

Ashley Bell in the role of Nell has a great look for the genre and does well to make every scene a little strange and possessed but unfortunately it does nothing in the long term as when the film ends the audience, which in my case consisted of a gay couple sitting in the back row with the rest of the screen empty leave feeling nothing but regret of entering in the first place.

Sadly it wasn’t even so bad that it was funny, it had a cast willing to give their all and had solid performances apart from the bizarre father scenes I didn’t understand it was the story that strongly let it down. My problem with this exorcism themed series is what difference can there possibly be in the next one? If there is another one… I mean, from the ones I have seen (including The Devil inside) they all just end in an exorcism of a girl that more often than not ends up failing and everyone else dies… it’s not scary anymore so it has to be the build up that is creepy, but that’s not creepy either and by those end scenes the viewers are taunted by director Gass-Donnelly with the possibility of seeing a demonised chicken on screen for the first time in cinema history (that’s not a water-tight fact).



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