Despicable Me 2 // Film Review


“That’s right, baby! Gru’s back in the game with cool cars… Gadgets… and weapons!!!”

I have quite a large soft spot when it comes to animated films, I think it might be because of the amount I watched when I was small and I’ve been around to see them progress from the 2D hand drawn adventures they had been for year into the 3D Star-studded fun-fests that they are today. As much as I love Pixar films I am feeling now, after the last two years and since Toy Story 3 that they are beginning to face some tough competition from Dreamworks and Illumination Entertainment (who especially, since their first feature, the original Despicable Me have made a couple of great animations for all ages).

Since Up, Wall-E and Toy Story 3 it has been Despicable Me, The Lorax and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs that were my favourite animated films of the last 4 or 5 years and Despicable Me 2 did not disappoint. The cast, along with the story are solid and full of humour for the whole family. The minions, Gru’s yellow blob-like army, offer much slapstick violence as well as funny moments, faces and noises, especially as they hold a large point of the plot in this sequel being turned into purple monsters ready to do the bidding of the villain of the piece.

Despicable Me 2 is a more than delightful box of 3D delights, with dastardly villains, vicious beasties and a genuinely sweet love story. A lot of what I love about Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is again present in the character design for DM2, the über funny faces the minions especially pull along with the sounds and noises they make are hilarious no matter what age you are and each one of the characters themselves seems so lovingly crafted with the voice-artist in mind that everything just slots into place perfectly.

This could be well described as Looney Tunes meets Pixar in this wonderful mesh of slapstick and bright colourful universe full of memorable characters and voices. Despicable Me is on course to become a memorable series with legs that could just get better and better in this wide-span universe where nothing is beyond the concept design team who make crazy city designs (seen in the mall with bright and outrageous buildings) look like they are just the norm in the real world because the characters just fit in anywhere. It’s fun and crazy in the same way the Dr. Seuss universe works so well.

Despicable Me 2 cannot be faulted on any level, it makes anyone and everyone smile because of the design and you can tell a lot of heart has gone into its creation. Carell is no stranger to voice artistry and impresses yet again here as does Russell Brand (even though his role is massively decreased) who also offers many laughs in the film’s runtime.

The success of this film will most obviously warrant another outing for Gru and the girls and it just feels like it has even more to give next time, I love how the whole universe of DM2 feels, in the words of Agnes, ‘mmmm so fluffy!!!’ – and because of this it is captivating to watch and will earn its spot all over again in your heart.


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