World War Z // Film Review


“Don’t pretend your family is exempt when we talk about the end of humanity”

Every action or thriller film these days have some sort of plane scene in, it seems to be very in fashion, I’m surprised travel companies haven’t suffered because of the likes of The Dark Knight RisesIron Man 3 and World War Z. Being a huge zombie fan it was never a surprise for me to hear myself saying I loved this film. World War Z has guts that is for sure. It begins it’s mayhem early on and never lets up throughout the course of the film despite what some may describe as a ‘soft ending’.

Following success from The Walking Dead, World War Z delivers another dramatic look on the idea of a zombie apocalypse, my only gripe was that I felt a little more gore was needed instead of cutting away when Pitt’s Gerry sinks his axe into the face of a grounded zombie. If you’re going to see a film about Zombies you definitely expect to see some bloodshed and this element was mysteriously absent from the otherwise thrilling tale.

The soundtrack created an epic and modern backdrop to the action with Brit-Rock band Muse providing several songs from their latest album The 2nd Law for the film. WWZ feels like it takes it’s shape from 28 Days Later and where it is not as good as it, it has its own merits including an undeniably epic and awesome second act.

The story varies from other zombie films around at the moment and is interesting and offers a very different look at weaknesses and the idea of a cure for a zombie-like outbreak. Full of myth and modern alternatives WWZ delivers on all sorts of levels including Pitt’s dedicated performance as Gerry whom, I would say the only problem with is that he always feels far too safe, but then again, this is hollywood. It is undoubtedly a summer blockbuster, and one that does not disappoint like they occasionally can. Everything about it feels like it’s on a massive scale and feels real but after the early stages with his family involved in the action everything begins to feel a bit safe.

The main characters all seem to behave a little too rationally under the circumstances which also makes the film feel ‘too safe’ and perhaps why we never really see any bloodshed like we should be seeing. To many it may be all a little bit too generic but then again a zombie film like it hasn’t really been seen on this scale in a long time, we’ve seen them set in certain countries but never a side of it where the UN or any authority are involved. This is a popcorn movie and I can’t fault it on that level, highly thrilling and very entertaining, I would watch it again for sure, it’s exactly what it needed to be for a blockbuster as I have already said and there is nothing I want to fault on it, it’s not revolutionary by any means but it had everything it needed.


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