Now You See Me // Film Review


“The more you look. The less you see”

So, I saw this film like what? Two weeks ago now, the same time as I saw This is the End and I think I might be one of the only people in the universe who was actually like properly looking forward to this film… I mean, it has Eisenberg, it had Caine, it had Freeman… Hell, it even had Isla Fisher, The Hulk and Mini James Franco! All this casting and then the trailer looked pretty quick witted and sharp, something you end up expecting when you see Jesse Eisenberg in a lead role. So I go in, really looking forward to this film… A film that, I expected to be an awesome Hollywood budget film version of Hustle and to cut a long story short… it was just about scraping the ‘ok’ boundaries.

I don’t know why, but I did just expect a really clever and sharp twist-filled mind boggler of a film from Now You See Me and was heavily disappointed by almost everything involved. It felt a little slow, but at the same time, too fast. Too much happens with no explanation as to why and the end, is quite frankly bizarre… I don’t mean the whole Ruffalo love story out of nowhere thing but the carosel descending to nowhere because the ‘four horsemen’ did some magic. The real magic however, is how magicians seem to be the most popular variety act all of a sudden packing out arenas and other large venues with only something like half an hour’s notice.

The plot hinges on these magicians working for an unknown leader by using ‘magic’ to steal money to then give away… There is never any reason as to why they do this for these people they don’t know nor does it feel real or necessary. Solid performances of an otherwise lacklustre script are put in all round with good lead work from Eisenberg bumping heads with his equally as big-headed sidekicks for ‘laffs’ throughout the picture.

The plot became so overcooked it went from intriguing to just dull. Even the final twist of The Hulk actually being part of the horsemen couldn’t save this film and when it happened it got a few ‘oh’ remarks but no big rush of ‘OH MY GOD NO WAY!!!!!’ like was probably anticipated… probably because there were no clues to pick up on this possible twist in the actual film and so this moment for me really acted as the final nail in the coffin.

The film does look glossy and well produced and even as I slate it, up until just after the first big act in the bank finishes it feels like it has potential to be quite interesting but this soon falls flat when the scenes become more and more over the top, predictable and stupid.

If you’ll excuse the pun… Now You See Me is a rather… Un-Magical 2-hours at the cinema.


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