The World’s End // Film Review



The World’s End has been on my “I cannot wait for this film to come out it’s going to be so fucking awesome” list for something like 6 years now… basically since Hot Fuzz was released and the world got their second taste of how awesome a team Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg really are. This, the final instalment of the ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ it has to be said… Broke my heart. No! It wasn’t sad, it didn’t get me in the emotions, it broke my heart because Wright and Pegg had the opportunity to make one of the best trilogies around and they failed their swan-song. I’m sorry, but The World’s End wasn’t on the same playing field as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz which in their own rights are possibly two of the funniest films of the last 20 years. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it is a bad film, on the contrary it is a bloody brilliant celebration of the trilogy as well as good old British humour, it unfortunately just fell short in the brilliance department.

I love Edgar Wright and he’s undeniably a brilliant director and he proves this in The World’s End right up until the final moments but where the first two Cornetto films had charm in the bucket-load this just didn’t feel right. I think a lot of this review is going to just be comparing to how good the other two are and because I have waited so long to see this film I think the anticipation has kind of ruined it because of the years it has built up for. Again, just to clarify, The World’s End IS a really good film.

I didn’t feel there was enough of the recurring funnys as there were in previous outings, however, I remember Hot Fuzz really needed two or three viewings to realise how clever it really is, so I have a feeling this may also need the same attention. As much as I liked the over the top fight-sequences in Wright’s Scott Pilgrim I don’t feel like it deserved a place in this film and seeing Pegg and co. smashing up robots with comical ease didn’t suit the style of the trilogy, but then again, if every film from the trilogy were the same, I would still complain wouldn’t I, if they all danced round a robot/clone battering it on the head with a snooker cue.

I’m still not entirely convinced by Pegg’s character, Gary, being the role that Nick Frost would usually supply as the unreliable but good at heart best friend as this character always seems to be played better in the supporting role. This character was far more intense and interesting but needed to hand the unstable stuff over to Frost’s more humdrum role. That said, by the end of the film I was used to seeing them in these roles and it did work well in the setting.

The action sequences were the most impressive scenes in the film, although a little overbearing they are well-balanced between being well directed and well-acted to include humour. The real appeal in this film lies with it being, yet again, so diverse to the other offerings from Wright and Pegg. It takes a more uncomfortable position in the comedy stance and far more satirical and cynical than the other two from the trilogy.

It has an electric-like chemistry between the cast from top to bottom and after the initial perhaps rather shaky opening 20 minutes it soon livens up and becomes a non-stop entertainment train that relentlessly throws gags and humour in the face of the audience mixed with references and ‘in-jokes’ that will please all audiences from hardcore fans to first time cornetto-goers!

It’s definately the funniest film this year, it just didn’t give me the ‘wow’ I wanted after waiting so long for it and because of this I think it might fall short when the other big comedy comes out next month in the form of Alpha Papa. However, for now, The World’s End is by far the most rounded and humorous outing of the year with brilliant style and performances as well as a story that keeps you entertained throughout.


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