Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa // Film Review


“Have you got another Siege to go to?”

The last few years we have had a summer film outing of all sorts of British TV comedy icons. The Inbetweeners made a rather successful (even if it didn’t match the actual series) splash at the box office, and it was only last year we got the Nation’s pride and joy Keith Lemon get to take to the big screen in a sophisticated and wondrous fairytale comedy of rags to riches… wait… hang on? Let’s forget about Lemon shall we? So… the year is 2013… And this is the year that the Partridge takes flight into the silver screen. As you can imagine Steve Coogan delivers 100% in the titular role of Alan Partridge as he was clearly born to be bound to the spirit of the Norfolk simpleton and no matter what film or television role he takes on you look into his eyes and Alan stares back at you. It goes without saying, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa was textbook Alan.

To be harsh, it perhaps didn’t hit the merry heights of I’m Alan Partridge series two but Alpha Papa has just as many quotable lines as the television show and maintains all of it’s charm instead of falling into that ‘TV-Comedy-Hero goes abroad’ formula that so many fail in. Keeping it all very low-key and local was the very best thing the team could have done and even linking to Mid-Morning Matters made everything even more inclusive to Alan’s massive following.

It is a hilarious addition to the ever expanding canvas of the versatile North Norfolk Digital DJ and provides solid proof that the bouncebackability of Alan Partridge knows no bounds… in his words? Lovely Stuff.

The beauty of Alpha Papa is that Partridge followers will get a hilarious 90-minute summer festival of fresh Alan while maintaining enough space for those yet to fall under his spell to get a crash-course in 22-carat hilarity. Back of the net!

I always thought it was going to be tightly run contest between The World’s End and this for comedy of the year but it has to be said Alpha Papa has taken the crown by a Norfolk Mile. Laugh-Out-Loud moments lie around every corner with characters old and new. This was Liquid-Alan.

Coogan’s gift to make Alan a believably awful everyman has always made the shows a slice of accomplished British comedy, just as much as Gervais’ Brent in The Office and even more beautifully Alan Partridge isn’t a character American’s can easily copy and pass off as their own… Probably because they don’t have a Norfolk equivalent. Stand over there… by the Yakults.

I can’t criticise Alpha Papa at all, it is loyal while also being fresh, it is funny throughout and a rare film that doesn’t succumb to the old final 20-minutes taking itself far too seriously with the closing sequence on the pier being some of the many, many highlights of this lesson in how to do comedy right. However, I don’t think Partridge fans will be needing me to tell them to go see this… it is must-see cinema. One of the year’s finest on so many levels.




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