Kick-Ass 2 // Film Review


“You know what, screw this… my superpower is that I’m rich!”

No… This wasn’t right… It can’t possibly be… It was supposed to be… Brilliant! Wasn’t it? Kick-Ass 2 was one of the films this year I was so pumped for – a film I’ve wanted to happen since the original and when I finally got my wish and went to see it… I end up feeling like I’ve just eaten a mouthful of sand. Don’t get me wrong, it was by no means the worst film ever made but sadly, Kick-Ass 2, is a huge let down.

Everything that made the original film so fun, so different and so brilliant feels like it has been taken away by time the sequel came about, Hit-Girl really didn’t feel bad-ass, Dave was a bit of a dick and the whole plot was a little exasperated. There are a few redeeming qualities but the perfect blend of humour, comic book action, hyper-violence and over-the-top swearing as well as cleverly crafted characters all seemed lost in a sequel that should have been 100% better.

Comedy seemed to replace most of what was lacking and it has to be said it was done well, Christopher Mintz-Plasse putting in a brilliant performance as ‘The MotherFucker’ in what ended up feeling like sketches taken from a new series of That Mitchell and Webb Look. Jim Carrey also put in a sublime (but unfortunately short-lived) performance as Colonel Stars and Stripes… His character being executed just as the story looked to be gaining momentum meant everything felt back to square one.

I think a major flaw lays in the fact the story seemed to hinge on way too many characters at once, telling lots of stories in what seems like a short run time. The end sequence in particular is a low point for the film and supplied some really cringey moments in what was originally quite a cool film of ‘what if’ superheroes could be real.

We had Hit-Girl leading one story, Dave the other as well as Chris (MotherFucker) and Stars and Stripes chipping into the mix but instead of being seen more as cut away scenes from the real story like in the first film where Aaron Johnson leads the push throughout they all seem to get equal shouts like it’s an episode of Heroes where we get a little bit from each character each episode.

In a way Kick-Ass 2 reminds me of Bugsy Malone without the music, with real weapons and set in the modern day and so ends up being a parody of itself and why it was great in the original.

If you like the first film as much as I did you have to go see it simply because you love it, but don’t go in to see it like I did, expectations abnormally high expecting one of the year’s best. It will disappoint throughout and serve more as a comedy than anything else. This said, I still want to see a third film to wrap off a trilogy of sorts and see how the characters will all end. I just feel there needs to be a decision somewhere to create a main character, be it Mindy or Dave, someone needs to take that mantle. Kick-Ass 2 was safe and in doing so lost its individuality and shocking nature.


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