The Lone Ranger // Film Review


“Okay… this is worse!”

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I saw Disney’s latest attempt to create a successful blockbuster franchise to replace the Pirates of the Caribbean’s slowly dimming light. I had enjoyed the trailers seen for The Lone Ranger but went in expecting to see another John Carter (which isn’t entirely bad in my opinion as my only real issue with it was the extremely tiring length)… I was pleasantly surprised however and was treated to a really solid and kooky Disney romp!

 It may not be the best Disney output in recent years by a long stretch but I found The Lone Ranger incredibly easy to watch and also found it offered lots of comedic moments as well as supplying an engaging story throughout. As a fan of Depp it’s obvious to say his humour and character acting was brilliant and well worked, even if it did tend to hinge on becoming Captain Jack Sparrow on LSD. Perhaps not as lovable as Sparrow, Tonto is a bit of a nob throughout the film alongside Arnie Hammer as the titular character.

The backstories for both did seem a little lackluster to say the least but when it’s a film that lends itself more towards young teens than adults you can’t really complain. The aesthetics and effects are done brilliantly as you’d expect on the major budget this film eventually ended up with. Seeing some behind the scenes footage explaining the majority of the effects were actually done rather than created using CGI made everything in the Wild West feel all that more authentic.

The Lone Ranger follows suit with other recent Disney summer blockbusters and is exceedingly longer than what it ever needed but it does offer deadpan comedy, breakneck thrills and a breathtaking visual spectacle in return for the time you put into it and somehow uses all this to keep screens full until the very end.

I feel like The Lone Ranger was ambitious and rightfully so, it offered a lot of potential for a future sequel (that will probably never happen because of the bad reception mixed with the poor figures). I think the major factor in the breakdown of this film was the budget that meant it had to be a success for a sequel… a go for broke or die approach that probably could have been avoided.

I really did like it and I think it’s a film you have to go and see rather than read the reviews and judge it from them.


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