The Conjuring // Film Review


“We prefer to be known simply as Ed and Lorraine Warren”

Going into The Conjuring was a bit of an off-the-cuff decision, but one that really paid off. I’d seen the trailer for the creepy (what I thought was doll-based) movie a couple of times before other films but had never really had a real urge like I have with other horrors this year to go and see it. This decision paid off big-time and was quite possibly one of my favourite films, and certainly the best horror (I have seen) this year. A thrill ride from start to finish full with genuine frights and mystery to delight all film-goers.

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The Purge // Film Review


“Decriminalised Murder. An outlet for American Rage.”

The Purge is a slasher/horror film I’d been looking forward to since reading about it a few weeks ago, the concept was new a fresh and the trailer made it seem exciting. Far off from being a ‘great’ horror/slasher film it is in a way iconic and starts to somewhat mark a shift perhaps towards a new direction of horror film that has been bulked up the last 5-6 years by ghosts opening doors slowly in Paranormal Activity and Demons running riot in possession-based films… Now I’m not slamming these by a long shot as when they are done well they are great to watch but on the whole the real mainstream francises that keep getting made are feeling less and less scary, unless you are 12 perhaps. I would put The Purge alongside Sinister as a bit of a game-changer but perhaps that is just because I really like it.

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Star Trek Into Darkness // Film Review


“You think your world is safe? It is an illusion. A comforting lie told to protect you.”

For roughly $185,000,000 you really expect a film to look as impressive as Star Trek Into Darkness does, but with JJ Abrams behind the wheel and completing yet more of his already impressive looking Star Wars show-reel with classy looking space chases and explosions, lens flare around every corner of the bridge of The Enterprise and intense sci-fi lingo being thrown around like it’s normal chit chat I think it is very fair to say everyone on board for this sci-fi epic in the rebooted francise was ready to make it as good a film the genre has seen in the last few years.

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Identity Thief // Film Review


“I use that card for coffee and gas”

Whenever I see Jason Bateman I always think he seems like such a nice guy who really does have the ability to pull films like this off… if there was a decent enough script behind it. Shamefully this film has sold its box office tickets through the trailer pumping names of recent good films in the faces of the audience to make this effectively a honeytrap of a film. I find it hard to believe a script was written (and if it was it seems like Seth Gordon chose to overrule it) for Melissa McCarthy’s character of Identity Thief Diana as every scene she is in seems dependent on her performing some kind of improv character of ‘obese funny woman’ but in the end these scenes seem more worthy of appearing on some sort of blooper roll on the DVD extra.

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Wreck-It Ralph // Film Review


“For thirty-years I’ve been wrecking stuff”

What do you get if you take Pixar’s Toy Story series multiply it by the gaming industry and then sprinkle it with a little extra Disney-ness? Well, surprise surprise you get Wreck-It Ralph. Peppered with American cult-known actors and actresses and shoving endless gaming cameos and references down our throats throughout its course the film starts strongly but slowly and surely goes downhill and ends in a lifeless and limp dead-end of a conclusion by time Ralph finally gets what he craves.

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Cockneys vs Zombies // Film Review

“In all fairness… they’re not really that big are they…”

When I very first heard about Cockneys Vs Zombies I did just laugh it off as some b-movie, but it has suddenly grown into some kind of cult film with rave reviews flying round dubbing it ‘the new Shaun of the Dead’. Big words to live up to in my eyes with Shaun of the Dead being not just one of the funniest films I have seen but also one of my favourites so I decided to give this a go. With all due respect this film is just a bit of film, the zombies come second to the humour and there is definitely no threat ever posed by the alarming numbers of zombies and for most of the characters (outside of the Macguire’s) group you don’t really feel too attached to them if they were to die.

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Top 10 Films // Führer Awards 2012

It’s taken a little longer than expected but I have made a decision, the votes are in, my votes, and they have cast a shadowy decision on the world of film in 2012. I’ve seen so many of this year’s films with my cineworld card and living a 3-minute walk to the cinema in Southampton that I’ve decided to tack a few of the ‘achievers’ in my opinion in at the end. Anyway, without further ado, here is my countdown of my favourite films of this year. Click below to see my countdown:

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