Been Out of the Game.

Hello Gang… It’s been a while.

So, what’s happened? I fell off the wagon. I started to fall off with my promise of a post a day and then lost my way completely with the film reviews, I was having fun doing them, I just guess other things got in the way and then I never found the time to come back to you! Now, I’m not going to make any outlandish promises like I have in the past but I want to be posting regularly about the things that do interest me, starting today.

Anyway, a brief update into me… I finished my degree and passed with a 2.1 which I am pleased about apart from the fact I would have got a first if there wasn’t complications in filming my final major project. Creating my film ‘Junk’ was an amazing experience that has led me to wanting to do another this year to expand my abilities in film-making (I’ll drop some posts about that in the future).

The final film is below (casual shameless self-promotion). Glad to be back.