Doctor Who // Series 8 // So Far… (Episodes 1-7)


“I don’t think I know who The Doctor is anymore…”

I’m not sure I do either, Clara. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a massive Doctor Who fan since the reboot, I loved RTD’s era with Ecclestone and Tennant and feared the worst at the end of The End of Time, despite even back then knowing that it was a rather crappy ending story for Tennant. However, when Matt Smith arrived on the scene with Gillan’s Amy Pond beside him I forgot any worries I had and with Moffat at the helm of clever story-lines and arcs that require the audience to think and watch closely to what is going on Smith and Moffat’s era just got better series by series. Of course there were episodes during this time I thought were duds or just naff but these were few and far between and even with Smith emotional Christmas 2013 exit I still trusted Moffat completely to make the show work in his absence and was actually ultimately looking forward to see Capaldi take the helm for a very different feeling Doctor. Right now, I am feeling lacklustre about my favourite show which hurts me to say but here is why.

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The Conjuring // Film Review


“We prefer to be known simply as Ed and Lorraine Warren”

Going into The Conjuring was a bit of an off-the-cuff decision, but one that really paid off. I’d seen the trailer for the creepy (what I thought was doll-based) movie a couple of times before other films but had never really had a real urge like I have with other horrors this year to go and see it. This decision paid off big-time and was quite possibly one of my favourite films, and certainly the best horror (I have seen) this year. A thrill ride from start to finish full with genuine frights and mystery to delight all film-goers.

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This is the End // Film Review


“I’d be pretty bummed if I didn’t at least get a bite of the Milky Way”

This is the End is the biggest Hollywood summer comedy this year that not only holds your attention until the very end but is also full of laughs and re-watchable value. If I was going to be hyper critical of the star-studded apocalyptic romp I would say it didn’t use its strength to their maximum potential as well as feeling a little rushed towards the end (almost, but not entirely falling into the comedy film curse of a serious last quarter that has ruined a lot of potentially great features in modern cinema when a comedy film decides to take itself, and its characters far too seriously in the closing stages). It’s certainly a film that has ambition from the start and that ambition is matched by a great cast as well as laugh-out-loud moments throughout.

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The Purge // Film Review


“Decriminalised Murder. An outlet for American Rage.”

The Purge is a slasher/horror film I’d been looking forward to since reading about it a few weeks ago, the concept was new a fresh and the trailer made it seem exciting. Far off from being a ‘great’ horror/slasher film it is in a way iconic and starts to somewhat mark a shift perhaps towards a new direction of horror film that has been bulked up the last 5-6 years by ghosts opening doors slowly in Paranormal Activity and Demons running riot in possession-based films… Now I’m not slamming these by a long shot as when they are done well they are great to watch but on the whole the real mainstream francises that keep getting made are feeling less and less scary, unless you are 12 perhaps. I would put The Purge alongside Sinister as a bit of a game-changer but perhaps that is just because I really like it.

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The Last Exorcism: Part II // Film Review


“God Asks. The Devil Commands.”

Now, I love a good horror film but I hadn’t actually seen the first part of this series but went in anyway, luckily Part II seemed to regurgitate the most important/’best’ bits from the first instalment from the very start of the film a bit like an American sitcom from the 90’s ‘best-of’ episode where the characters flashback to ‘funny’ moments from past series, worrying perhaps for followers of the series seeing as these flashbacks fill about 15% of the film and it has a short runtime as it is.

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After Earth // Film Review


“Take A Knee, Kitai”

When going to the cinema you can usually rely on Will Smith as a pillar of quality when it comes to good films, where they may not all be groundbreaking they are always entertaining and suspenseful and The Fresh Prince always knows when humour is needed in a role to make the character likeable and early on in the production of After Earth where Will and Jaden reunite for another father/son movie after the momentous success of The Pursuit of Happyness that offered some of the most dramatic and heartbreaking scenes in modern cinema and tugged on your heartstrings every baby step of the way an onlooker could be easily fooled into believing (even though the content of After Earth is very different) that this was sure to be another quality outing for the pair… in short… It is not.

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Star Trek Into Darkness // Film Review


“You think your world is safe? It is an illusion. A comforting lie told to protect you.”

For roughly $185,000,000 you really expect a film to look as impressive as Star Trek Into Darkness does, but with JJ Abrams behind the wheel and completing yet more of his already impressive looking Star Wars show-reel with classy looking space chases and explosions, lens flare around every corner of the bridge of The Enterprise and intense sci-fi lingo being thrown around like it’s normal chit chat I think it is very fair to say everyone on board for this sci-fi epic in the rebooted francise was ready to make it as good a film the genre has seen in the last few years.

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