Only God Forgives // Film Review


“You can’t round killing cops anymore”

From the very moment I read about Nicolas Wingding Refn’s latest film, Only God Forgives, receiving very mixed reviews at Cannes I have been relishing the chance to get to develop my own opinion, especially after loving Drive so much I couldn’t see how this could go wrong… This oddball however, turned out to be a mostly unwatchable cinematic experiment fronted by a rather glum-looking Ryan Gosling.

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Gangster Squad // Film Review


“No Ma’am… I was just hoping to take you to bed”

Have you ever played LA Noire? Have you ever thought, it’d be great if they made like a proper good film that felt exactly like this game? Well if you had then this is your dream. Gangster Squad is simply irresistible combining mobster violence, cool suave characters and sheer action entertainment it offers so much to any audience. Worried this might be one of those films where the trailer makes it look amazing I had to hold my breath and hope that this wouldn’t let down my expectations… the best thing about it? It didn’t let down at all.

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