Doctor Who // Series 8 // So Far… (Episodes 1-7)


“I don’t think I know who The Doctor is anymore…”

I’m not sure I do either, Clara. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a massive Doctor Who fan since the reboot, I loved RTD’s era with Ecclestone and Tennant and feared the worst at the end of The End of Time, despite even back then knowing that it was a rather crappy ending story for Tennant. However, when Matt Smith arrived on the scene with Gillan’s Amy Pond beside him I forgot any worries I had and with Moffat at the helm of clever story-lines and arcs that require the audience to think and watch closely to what is going on Smith and Moffat’s era just got better series by series. Of course there were episodes during this time I thought were duds or just naff but these were few and far between and even with Smith emotional Christmas 2013 exit I still trusted Moffat completely to make the show work in his absence and was actually ultimately looking forward to see Capaldi take the helm for a very different feeling Doctor. Right now, I am feeling lacklustre about my favourite show which hurts me to say but here is why.

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Doctor Who // Series 7 and 50th Theory


So, it’s that time of he series again where rumours for the current series story arc and finale begin to fly and something tells me the ‘finale’ won’t be our usual experience of pushing too hard to be the epic thing the audience expects, no, instead I wouldn’t be surprised if instead it is a little downplayed in comparison to the usual wannabe blockbusters and will work almost as a prequel or lead in to the 50th anniversary special. I have a theory of my own of what could be happening, one that could go down several routes and with recent casting announcements I feel it would not only work but be absolutely epic.

We don’t know much about what will be happening in November apart from the recent casting announcements of David Tennant and Billie Piper returning to reprise their characters, Joanna Page and finally the Zygons are set to appear as one of the foes The Doctor will face, I say one because I doubt something as huge as this will hinge on a character they haven’t yet rebooted in the modern series. There have been rumours that the special will be a bumper length 90-minute affair rather than the previously rumoured hour-long. This would suit the occasion as well as the announcement the special will receive a limited cinema release to accompany the broadcast.

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Chairman Mark & Quantocking II


“I’ll kill you Jeremy! For trying to steal Dobby, and electrocuting me, and destroying my fucking pie!”

I didn’t realise (and almost missed the series finale because of it) that there would be two episodes of Peep Show quite so close together instead of sticking to their usual time slots where I am used to viewing them on a Sunday evening I was forced because of Christmas to watch the finale on Christmas Eve! A Tuesday! This is proof that Christmas just ruins everything. Anyway! I am glad the series finale was not another homage to Christmas Day like every other show this time of year and instead rounded of the series delightfully tying up any loose ends with the Dobby story as it went (seemingly).

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