Doctor Who // Series 8 // So Far… (Episodes 1-7)


“I don’t think I know who The Doctor is anymore…”

I’m not sure I do either, Clara. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a massive Doctor Who fan since the reboot, I loved RTD’s era with Ecclestone and Tennant and feared the worst at the end of The End of Time, despite even back then knowing that it was a rather crappy ending story for Tennant. However, when Matt Smith arrived on the scene with Gillan’s Amy Pond beside him I forgot any worries I had and with Moffat at the helm of clever story-lines and arcs that require the audience to think and watch closely to what is going on Smith and Moffat’s era just got better series by series. Of course there were episodes during this time I thought were duds or just naff but these were few and far between and even with Smith emotional Christmas 2013 exit I still trusted Moffat completely to make the show work in his absence and was actually ultimately looking forward to see Capaldi take the helm for a very different feeling Doctor. Right now, I am feeling lacklustre about my favourite show which hurts me to say but here is why.

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Doctor Who // Cold War Review

Doctor Who - Series 7B

“Courage, my dear…”

This is what every Doctor Who fan has wanted from this series, a slightly more contained but still spectacular episode driven by a pacey and exciting narrative that almost echoes the last real Dalek success-story, Dalekfrom series one in the way it breathes new life into a classic monster and brings fresh ideas and elements to a timeless character by using CGI in a way as to create mystery and suspense rather than create exploding stars or wall-clinging bikes, which, may well look fairly impressive, add no real substance to the story and are more of a ‘well, would you look at the that’ element. Cold War is literally what you would get if The Doctor landed on Nostromo (Alien). Where I couldn’t find anything that may add to a ‘bigger story’ this felt like the first proper stand alone story that really worked.

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Doctor Who // The Bells of Saint John Review


“There’s something in the wifi”

Doctor Who finally made its comeback tonight with the second half of series 7 that ended last year with Karen Gillan’s Amy Pond leaving the show to follow Rory to live in the past after he gets caught by an angel in scenes that broke not only The Doctor’s heart but mine as well. Since then we did get the latest Christmas special which was, in true Xmas-Who fashion, was childish and a tad dull which properly introduced us to the mysterious Clara Oswald… A character that I hold no affection for because of her arrogant attitude and knowitall behaviour but I won’t make this review about my dislike at the casting of Jenna Louise Coleman and concentrate on the actual episode, The Bells of Saint John.
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Doctor Who to return in two months!


“You can’t fix this like you fix your bow-tie”

BBC’s jewel in their exporting crown Doctor Who has today been announced to return this easter on 30th March. Usually, an announcement like this would give me a rush of excitement followed by a feeling of wanting to watch old episodes and try and figure out stories that could happen but for the first time… this hasn’t really happened. Sure, I’m looking forward to new Doctor Who but there’s just something not right now, the excitement for the series isn’t there, the hype that surrounded the show since it’s 2005 comeback up until around series 5 has slowly faded on television anyway.

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